Bryan Boyer
Strategic Design Lead, Sitra 2009-2013

At Sitra Bryan focuses on building the Helsinki Design Lab initiative to foster strategic design as a way of working in Finland and abroad. This includes the Studio Model, as well as the HDL Global event and website. Previously Bryan has worked as an independent architect, software programmer, and technology entrepreneur.

He received his BFA with Honors from the Rhode Island School of Design, and his M.Arch from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Justin W. Cook
Sustainable Design Lead, Sitra 2009-2013

Justin is working at the intersection of climate change and the built environment. He led content development for the Low2No competition and is focusing on Low2No as a development model that aims to balance economy, ecology and society through strategic investments and interventions in existing cities. He has previously worked in the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genova, Italy; as a design researcher on the Harvard Stroke Pathways project; and was the principal of a design-build firm in Seattle.

Justin received his BA from the University of Washington and his M.Arch from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. 

Dan Hill
Strategic Design Lead, Sitra 2011-2012

Dan's background includes interaction and service design, foresight and strategy, urban planning and urbanism, media and creative industries. Prior to Sitra, Dan was an Associate at Arup, the global multidisciplinary design and engineering firm, Director of Web & Broadcast at Monocle, and Head of Interactive Technology and Design at the BBC. He has worked in leadership/practitioner positions across several industries and continents, for organisations large and small, and within both public and private sectors.

Dan received his BSc in Computer Science from University of Hertfordshire and MA in Urban Sociology from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Marco Steinberg
Director of Strategic Design, Sitra 2008-2013

Marco directs Sitra’s internal strategic design efforts, charting new forward-oriented opportunities to help Sitra meet its mission of enhancing Finland’s national innovation ability and well being. In addition to Helsinki Design Lab he is responsible for the concept and design-development of Low2No, a transitional strategy to create sustainable urban development models in Finland through the implementation of a large scale development project in downtown Helsinki.

His previously experiences include: Professor at the Harvard Design School (1999-2009); advising governments on SME & design funding strategies; and running his own design & architecture practice. He received his BFA and BArch from Rhode Island School of Design and his MArch with Distinction from the Harvard Design School.

Kalle Freese

Intern, Sitra 2012


Seungho Lee

Intern, Sitra 2010

Maija Oksanen

Intern, Sitra 2012

About Sitra

Helsinki Design Lab is powered by Sitra.

In 1967, Finland rewarded itself with a gift for the 50th anniversary of its independence: a fund was established with a mission to build for the future.

Sitra is an independent fund operating under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament, which seeks to promote stable and balanced development in Finland, qualitative and quantitative growth of the economy, and international competitiveness and cooperation. Our operations are funded out of the returns from our endowment capital and business funding.

Sitra searches for new understandings of well-being. Through foresight activities we anticipate societal changes and attempt to address them proactively. In our investments and pilot projects we promote new operating models and stimulate businesses aimed at sustainable well-being.

The aim of this work is to help Finland prosper as a global pioneer in systemic changes that foster well-being. A systemic change is a broad, far-reaching change of the kind that simultaneously affects the structures and practices of society and the everyday life of its citizens. Sitra is an enabler of such changes—as visionary and implementer. We are building a successful Finland for tomorrow.