HDL Global HDL Global 2013 in images

As we're putting the finishing touches on the HDL living archive (what this site will shortly become) here are some images from our closing event, HDL Global 2013.

We were joined by 116 people from five continents. With talks from a mix of newscomers and old friends alike, it was an excellent way to pass the torch—to you!

This and other images below by <a href="http://johannesromppanen.com/">Johannes Romppanen</a>
This and other images below by Johannes Romppanen

One in a series of <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/helsinkidesignlab/tags/chairportrait/">chair portraits</a> taken by Johannes.
One in a series of chair portraits taken by Johannes.

There are many more photos on our Flickr page.

HDL Speaker Timo Arnall also has a collection of great photos from the event.