HDL Global Guest Blog: Accepting Complexities

Editor's note: We offered this blog as a platform to four HDL Global participants who are documenting the event for everyone to get a glimpse of how things are going down. This is one such post from Anna-Leena Vasamo.

As the second day of HDL Global 2010 is coming to an end, it’s a good time to take a minute to recap how the event has been so far. Over the last two days it’s been inspiring to meet and listen to so many brilliant people who are all well-respected individuals in their own fields of expertise. The past two days have moved from defining strategic design to discussions of its application to themes of sustainability, education and ageing. As one guest put it, the starting point to strategic design is “accepting complexities” instead of reducing and simplifying problems early in the process. Based on the discussions, I feel like that idea is being embraced by everyone at the event. It’s a unique thing to experience and the enthusiasm and energy of the guests is sure to lead to many actions beyond talk. With one more day to go, I can only say that HDL Global has been a pleasure and privilege to be a part of.