Weeknotes Week 209

Good morning from Bangkok. Marco and I are here for the week as the Future Innovative Thailand Institute launches their Blueprint programme, which is an initiative to redesign policy around education, social economy, and governance. They've been using our studio model as the basis for the work. But more about that next week.

Last week we were able to post the finalized details for HDL 2013. You'll find more here, as well as registration which is open to everyone. The summary is that we will have an event in three phases: conference, conference with drinks, drinks. We want it to be a chance for the community of strategic designers to gather and if that sounds good to you, we hope you'll join. Here's who will speak:

Meanwhile, book logistics have been ruling my life. Last week included writing odd little things like the paragraph below and occasionally drawing very bad pictures to go along with it:

We see a woman standing, she is tapping a seated gentleman on the shoulder (he is wearing a coat) while holding a microphone behind her back. She’s about to ask him to stand up and make a pitch but he doesn’t know it yet. Perhaps we see some abstract indication of the other people at the table, or at nearby tables.

That's part of the briefing prepared for our illustrator who is going to be making drawings of different 'points of practice'. Since a lot of the book is describing abstract notions, we are taking some care to bring a visual dimension to the storytelling that errs on the side of being overly concrete. Before jumping into this I didn't have much of an idea how to brief an illustrator but it seems to be working.

What else? Marco was staying put in Helsinki, working on Design Exchange. He'll have Sara and some people from the City of Lahti over for a show-and-tell at Sitra soon.

On my way to Bangkok I made a quick stop in San Francisco, where I spotted our <a href="/cc/">Creative Collaborations</a> book on the shelves at <a href="http://www.makeshiftsociety.com">Makeshift Society</a>. Great!
On my way to Bangkok I made a quick stop in San Francisco, where I spotted our Creative Collaborations book on the shelves at Makeshift Society. Great!

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